Young Coders

Ever wonder how web sites and games are made? If you are 10 years old or over, join us for a few hours on Sunday, October 7th to explore how to program, and why programmers love Python so much.

Python is a very powerful programming language: it is used for writing computer applications, making websites and games, scientific and mathematical computing, and much more. Some of the companies that use Python include: Google, NASA, Disney Animation, and Spotify.

This free tutorial will explore how to program using Python starting with the basics: math and words, comparisons, loops, and kinds of data. Finally, we will combine our new knowledge by using our skills to do some fun robotics projects with the BBC micro:bit.

We’ll provide computers with everything you need already installed, and every student will get to take home their own micro:bit.

Registration for this event is open! Students must be registered by a parent or guardian, and each student must bring a release form signed by a parent or guardian to be allowed into the class. A link to that form is provided at the registration page. (If you are interested in helping out as a teacher’s assistant, you’ll be able to sign up at the same registration page.)

Register here:

About the instructor

Lillie Schachter is a Software Engineer and Educator based in Brooklyn. A Liberal Arts education centered around a Computer Science major led Lillie to wonder how we can use code to better the world. Empowering students with the skills, excitement, and awareness to utilize responsible programming continues to be one answer to this question. Building tools to help solve problems is another. Lillie is very excited to join the PyGotham team and Young Coders event!

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