How to Do Code Reviews Like a Human

3:40pm - 4:05pm on Saturday, October 6 in Madison

Michael Lynch

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Reviewing code is like driving: everyone thinks they’re good at it. The dev who just sent you 25 brusque, vague notes thinks of themselves as a wonderful reviewer. Truly great reviewers are great because they consider the human factors of reviews. So come learn how to do code reviews like a human.


Are code reviews a source of tension on your team? Do they lead to conflict, bikeshedding, or wasted time?

Most of the discussion we hear about code reviews is technical. We focus myopically on minimizing cost and maximizing bug discoveries. But reviews are as much a social exercise as a technical one. They’re an opportunity for teammates to share knowledge and bond through collaboration. That can’t happen if people are strangling each other over where to place the curly braces.

In this talk, you’ll learn practical techniques your team can use to improve communication and minimize conflict during code reviews. I’ll talk about:

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