Start ‘em young: Tips for teaching Python to kids

4:25pm - 4:55pm on Friday, October 5 in Madison

Gabrielle Rabinowitz

Audience Level:


How can you teach Python to kids with no coding experience? Using the example of a 1-week coding camp at the American Museum of Natural History, we’ll share the power of combining coding lessons with scientific inquiry along with helpful tips and tricks to supercharge your education efforts.


Whether you’re an experienced educator or you’re still wondering how to get started teaching others, this is a great opportunity to pick up some tips. In this talk, we’ll use a new Python and Earth Science curriculum piloted at the American Museum of Natural History as a model to share best practices for teaching Python to young students. We’ll discuss the value of collaborating with content experts, using online tools, and introducing coding concepts with games and hands-on activities. You’ll even get to walk through an example activity yourself!

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